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scout group 724.11

Scout group 724.11 is a legal part of the Czech national scout association named Junák – Association of Scouts and Guides of the Czech Republic and it is the oldest one in the Zlin county - founded 1919 by Josef Hron. It is open for people aged 6-99 and for those who want to spread scout idea throughout the world. Scout group is seated in the south-eastern Moravian town named Slavičín. The scout group under its own legal subjectivity is led by ten-member comittee of elected and appointed adult leaders and represented by the scout group leader. The comittee meets in two-month period meetings and addresses all matters related to the scout group life and activities. The group comittee is elected once in the three years by the scout group assembly which is the supreme body of the scout group.

The mission is - education of the youth in the spirit of the scout principles as were given by the founder of the world scouting Lord Robert Baden-Powell and by the Czech national scouting Antonin Benjamin Svojsik - in the spirit of scout oath, scout behest and scout law.

The Scout Group has its own symbols proceedings from general scout symbols. The brown scouts and guides scarfs are lined with strip of the white and there is an emblem of the scout group placed at the corner of the scarf. Official colors of the scout group are white, blue and grey.

The scout group carries also the named after the founder of the Czech national scouting - A. B. Svojsíka.

The scout group is divided into four troops:

- 1st Boy Scout Troop "Eagles", for the ages 11 - 15

- 2nd Cub Scouts Troop "Lynx", for the ages 6 - 10

- 3rd Girl Guides Troop - currently not working

- 1st River Scouts Troop - working as a rover´s troop, for the ages 16 - 21+